Meet Ganuk, Canada’s newest polar bear artist

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Ganuk the polar bear creates art that sells for $50-$130 apiece.

There's an artistic genius in our midst with four paws and rather sharp teeth.

His name is Ganuk and he lives at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat in northern Ontario, where he regularly paints artwork that sells for $50 to $130. The habitat in Cochrane started painting with the bear in December, according to a recent blog post by Mireille Caron, one of Ganuk's keepers.

Ganuk seems particularly fond of painting paw prints. Caron's post says the process of painting with a bear involved spreading Bristol boards over the floor in his hold then pouring non-toxic paint over a large area. Dabs of peanut butter on the walls keep Ganuk happy and moving, trampling around with paint on his paws. Art.

If you don't believe the bear is responsible for these masterpieces, consult the habitat's Facebook page where images show Ganuk caught blue-tailed.

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The habitat says the art is popular, too, at least since the bear's adventures have appeared in the media.

"All three paintings we posted today (Jan. 16th) have already sold," an update on the website says. However, the habitat said it would post more online listings today.

Ganuk is a three-year-old bear owned by the Toronto Zoo and he's been on loan in Cochrane since the spring of 2012, according to the habitat's website.

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