Meet the most easily-scared man in the world

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

We already know who the most interesting man in the world is, but Norway may have just discovered the most easily-scared man in the world.

Basse Andersen from Arendal, Norway, jumps every time someone makes a loud noise, according to a YouTube video that's been seen nearly 400,000 times. His co-workers think it's hilarious and they regularly terrorize the poor guy.

In one prank, he walks into a garage attached to the office and lifts a box to find a colleague smiling up at him, his head poking through a hole in another box. Anderson says the videographer won an expensive camera in a competition with the video for the prank. He won nothing.

You might think Anderson would start to anticipate the ploys to startle him. But he can't seem to help it.

Even as he tries to explain to the camera person that his job involved copying and printing, he can't finish the sentence without being scared out of his wits, yet again.