Menswear Dog takes the Internet by style

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
(Tumblr: Menswear Dog)

Menswear Dog has style.

Menswear Dog has swagger.

Apparently, Menswear Dog also has a diva attitude.

The model for a Tumblr blog that features a fashionable Shiba Inu wearing the latest men's style choices has stolen the hearts of Internet users. The dog has four styles, including a layered look, a denim jacket and a chunky shawl collar cardigan.

The dog's name is Bodhi, according to, and his career in the modelling industry started when his owner was bored on a Saturday afternoon. Dave Fung told the website he dressed his dog up and took a picture for Facebook as a joke.

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However, he and a designer named Yena Kim realized the idea could work nicely for a blog. From there emerged Menswear Dog, which seems to have delighted the public even though it only launched a week ago.

Fung said the dog loves the attention.

"I don't think I can get away with chunky cardigans with my body type yet but it's nice to know this Shiba Inu can," one blogger posted.

Twitter has jumped on board too:

Men looking for fashion inspiration need look no further than this dapper dog who will probably be showing us more of what his style is made of in the weeks to come.

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