New Mexico woman sees Jesus in her toe bruise

Praise the Lord, we have found another one!

Yes, ladies and Gentlemen, Jesus has been spotted yet again, this time in a most unusual spot. Paula Osuna of Silver City, NM, claims the image of Jesus Christ has shown up in a bruise on her foot!

After falling down the stairs last weekend, Osuna’s toes became thoroughly bruised. She asked her fiancé to rub some dirt onto her toes. However, this was no ordinary dirt. It was dirt from a pilgrimage to the Catholic shrine in Chimayo. She wrapped her dirt-smothered foot in bandages and when she took the bandages off, there was Jesus, staring back at her from the bruise on her toe. Her family pointed out to her that the bruise looked just like the image of Jesus Christ.

Let’s think back to previous Jesus sightings because he seems to like to show up on food and other odd places. Even the most skeptical have to wonder how the perfectly clear image of Jesus’ face ended up on a burnt fish stick. There he goes again pulling off another fish miracle!

What about the famous ‘Jesus Pierogi’ (a personal favorite of mine)? Believe it or not, someone purchased it off Ebay for a whopping $1,775.00. Whoever indulged in this polish pastry must have been ‘filled’ with the Holy Spirit!

The Jesus Couch. This one may have even made me a believer! You can clearly see the face and features of Jesus on this red suede couch! Either that or the person sitting on it had a buttock with an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ himself. Not likely.

So why do these images of Jesus keep popping up in the weirdest of places? Maybe God just wants to be one of us. Just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home…and yes, I just quoted Joan Osborne.