Microsoft drapes NYC subway car in dizzying shade of pink

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A New York's subway car could send commuters into shock with its new, vibrant pink design to advertise Microsoft's Surface tablet.

Microsoft is inviting online mockery for painting the seats and walls of the car in a dizzying shade of pink, at least in Mashable's opinion. A string of banner ads line the car and video screens play commercials for the tablet on a loop, according to Mashable.

The bubble-gum car could be described as tacky but others might argue that it doesn't compare to Microsoft's past advertising gaffes.

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Only a couple of months ago, Microsoft left some confused when it advertised its cloud storage platform Windows Azure using an incomprehensible rap song. The video shows rapper NoClue manipulating a string of light between his fingers, for some reason, and it includes floating words such as 'PaaS,' 'Platform' and 'software.'

NoClue was the Guinness World Record holder for fastest rapper in 2005, according to the Seattle Times, which is probably why it's hard to discern most of the words in the ad.

Microsoft was also the lucky subject of a roundup of terrible ads by Gizmodo that included an early commercial for Windows 1.0 featuring now-CEO Steve Ballmer yelling like a car salesman.

However, Microsoft isn't the only company that's made silly advertising choices and it probably isn't even the worst.

The pen company Bic has been accused of racism and sexism for its marketing campaigns. This summer, Bic Canada pulled a commercial that shows what looks like an Asian dictator that starts to condemn prisoners with a stamp because the pen he uses to write 'pardoned' has run out.

Bic also marketed a package of pens with a 'sleek design' as Bic Cristal for Her. The questionable decision brought out the humour in posters.

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"Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed a pen that I can use all month long!" one commenter wrote. "It's comfortable, leak-proof, non-slip and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty!"

At least Windows didn't add "for her" to its pink tablet ad on the subway.