Missing Iceland tourist joins search party for herself

A tourist in Iceland was reported missing, but the search was called off when people realized she was a part of the search group.

Iceland Review reports, the woman was a part of a group travelling by bus. When the bus stopped Saturday afternoon near Iceland's Eldgja canyon in the southern highlands, the woman got off to freshen up and change her clothes. But when she got back on the bus, the other passengers didn't recognize her so they reported her missing.

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They also incorrectly counted the number of passengers. The description of the woman must not have been that accurate because she didn't even recognize it. Not thinking it was her, she joined the search. About 50 people searched the terrain on foot and with vehicles until the early hours of the morning.

A Coast Guard helicopter was even ready to join the search, but foggy conditions prevented that from happening. The search was called off around 3 a.m. when people realized the missing woman had been on the bus all along.

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According to Iceland Review, a similar thing happened in 1954 when people searched for hours for a girl who reportedly went missing while picking berries. Not only was the girl not missing, but she participating in the search party. The incident was blamed on a incorrect description of the girl's clothing.