Monkey punches morning show host in the face during live broadcast

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Ahhh … monkeys.

Unpredictable in the most adorable of ways.

Texas morning show host Deborah Duncan was in for a little monkey business of her own when Wilson, a capuchin monkey famous for his role in the Dr. Doolittle films, punched her directly in the face during a live taping of the show. Kapow!

While hosting the live animal segment about the Staples Safari Zoo on KHOU’s “Great Day America” Duncan got a face full of monkey fist when she jokingly tried to take Wilson’s grape away.

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Duncan manages to laugh off the little fellow’s jab, assuring Wilson that she didn’t mean to tease him. The monkey handler, as well as the audience, got a good chuckle.

He seemed a little skittish in general while he was on the set, but Duncan handled it very well.

“Wilson, you want to co-host with me?” Duncan asks the monkey as he looks around for more grapes. Even as the curious Wilson climbs up onto Duncan’s shoulder, she calmly continues her segment.

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But when the handler handed Duncan one of Wilson’s grapes, Wilson had zero tolerance for Duncan’s teasing.

He snags the grape from her hand and hits her in the face, as if to say, “Don’t you dare try and steal my grape, lady!”

“I think you just got told by a monkey,” said the handler through his laughter.

Moral of the story? Don’t monkey around with Wilson’s grapes!

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