Moose filmed fighting in Alaska driveway

An Alaska man and his son captured video of two moose squaring off in an epic battle in their front driveway.

Bill Tyra and his son, Josh, recorded the fight outside of their home in a residential neighbourhood in Anchorage, Alaska last October, reports Global News. The incident occurred during rutting season, when moose duke it out to see which animal will be the dominant male, a title that comes with certain reproductive privileges.

It’s something that happens every year in nature, but seeing two bull moose fight on a suburban street is far from normal. Watching the video of these two immense animals locking antlers in the paved driveway of a neighbour’s house, it’s hard not to be impressed by their sheer power. One of the bulls eventually knocks the other to the ground, just metres from where Bill and Josh are standing.

The video recently made it to the front page of Reddit, where many commenters were alarmed at the proximity of Bill and Josh to the fighting moose.

“I wasn’t there and I’m not a mooseologist but that one foot ledge did not look like it’d be a much of barrier to creatures big enough to make the sounds of gun shots when they bash antlers together,” writes user Juststrength.

There’s no doubt that hanging out near rutting moose is risky business, but when they happen to be doing it in front yard, it’s hard to resist picking up a camera phone and getting in on the action.

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