‘Morons of Peggy’s Cove’ warns people to stay away from the edge

Morons of Peggys Cove aims to promote safety through humour on Twitter

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Peggy’s Cove is a popular tourist attraction known for its iconic lighthouse and its waves off the Atlantic Ocean, in Nova Scotia.

Despite it’s natural beauty, the Cove can be a dangerous place if precautions are thrown to the wind.

For example, the black rocks at the edge are wet and slippery and the massive waves that reach the area can pull people into the water.

A new Twitter account called @MoronsOfTheCove is calling out those risk-takers from walking too close to the edge of Peggy’s Cove.

The account is filled with photos of people standing at the edge of the black rocks with warning messages like: “Save a life. Don’t be a moron.”

“This also isn’t public shaming,” the person behind the account told CBC News. “I just thought this was a humorous way to promote safety and awareness.”

The man behind the account told CBC News that he’s a frequent visitor and was inspired his last trip to setup the account from his latest trip.

“We actually had to yell at a couple to move away from the black rocks,” he wrote in a message to the news outlet. “Seconds later, a wave crashed at their feet as they were backing away.”

In April, a man died after being swept into the ocean, CTV News reports. His body was never found. In July, another man was pulled in off the rocks but was saved by a tour boat nearby.

According to CBC News, the province has been looking for new ways to warn tourists about the dangerous rocks. The signs posted in the area warning people to stay off aren’t enough, as many of them are ignored.

“If nothing else, I think this account has got people talking about safety at Peggy’s Cove,” the man behind the account told BuzzFeed.

Let’s hope the Twitter account will succeed in sending the message across for those tempting their fate.

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