The most wonderful memes of the year, Algonquin College-style

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

You may believe the Internet is a sophisticated network of binary codes and electrical signals but as we have all learned over the past decade, the World Wide Web is actually powered by memes.

Specifically cat memes (always cat memes), but 2012 also provided a host of viral moments that extended into the realm of professional sports, politics and children’s television programming, just to name a few.

And in order to capture these moments in one, meme-generated video, the talented students at Algonquin College’s Television Broadcasting program wrote and produced a three-plus minute holiday special entitled “The Most Wonderful Memes of the Year – 2012.”

The video has already racked up several thousand views and has been featured on news sites and programs across the country, making it the closest thing to a meta-meme in recent memory.

Yahoo! Year in Review:

Baritone Jonathan Estabrooks provides the vocals for this refashioned Christmas ditty, wherein grumpy cats, Big Birds, texting Hillarys, dancing Olympians and unimpressed McKayla Maroneys compete for meme precedence in a year full of great contenders.

The dancing Gangnam Style Darth Vader that closes off the production pushes the good cheer built up by the video’s clever lyrics and execution, but perhaps this will finally be the battle sequence that destroys that particular meme once and for all.