Mother rat rounds up the little ones one by one

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

When this mother rat says it's time to come home, she means it, kids.

A YouTube video that's gathering views online shows a mama rat rounding up the little ones from around a computer desk and dropping them off in the cage. The babies look like they're trying to scramble into the printer to hide from curfew but they're no match for their mother's nose.

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She promptly collects them, even the last one who almost succeeds in hiding.

The motherly instincts of animals can make for inspiring video content, like in this video showing a dog saving a puppy from the pool when the little pup gets over its head.

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In a video from a Kenyan national park, a mother elephant nearly drives herself mad stamping about and wailing, seemingly with worry over her baby that's stuck in a small hole. Conservationists get the baby elephant out but not without mom trying to sit on the Land Rover.