Movember: How to turn a ‘no-stache’ into hirsute happiness?

Jesse Michaels
Senior News Editor
Daily Buzz

We're almost at the halfway point of Movember, and Mo-bros (that's men in Movember-speak) are busy growing and grooming their moustaches across the country.

But what about those of us lacking in the 'stache department? What's a guy to do when he doesn't have much of a cookie duster to show? I'm one of those forlorn fellows,
dreaming of emulating Tom Selleck but with little chance of getting there.

Sure, I could try a distraction like buying a new pair of glasses or donning a disguise, but ultimately my no-stache will still be a topic of conversation among the chattering classes with a better-formed hairy upper lip.

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The good folks at Movember have thoughtfully supplied a number of grooming tips, including shampooing regularly, employing conditioner and using a hot towel to cleanse the skin below the moustache.

Good tips, all of them, but what I'm looking for is more along the lines of a moustache growth serum, or even a magic bean that promotes growth. I'll happily make use of either!

So while I wait by the mail for one of the above, I'm throwing out a plea to our community of Yahoo! Canada readers: how do you promote moustache growth and when will I take on the appearance of a famous hockey player or two?

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