‘Mr. Incredibeard’ demonstrates value of facial hair for eating noodles

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A San Francisco man is progressing in his quest to earn immaculately-styled beards a place in the public eye, all while slurping up Ramen noodles from his facial hair.

Isaiah Webb, the 29-year-old, bearded man behind the growing online personality Mr. Incredibeard, demonstrated in a recent viral video that he can shape his long beard into a bowl. Why would he want a beard bowl? For eating noodles, of course, with hot sauce on top.

The video posted earlier this month has been viewed more than 117,000 times and Webb published a followup published on Tuesday entitled "How to eat fast food, hands free!" in which, you guessed it, he suspends a burger, fries and a drink from his beard.

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His other videos include instructions for how to set up a game of Beerd Pong and submissions to U.S. beard competitions.

Webb's blog, which is dedicated to beard advice, says his wife styles all of his beard designs. In a recent interview, Webb told Mashable his wife was the person who encouraged him to grow the long beard he started 18 months ago.

"Incredibeard would be nothing without her," he told Mashable.

We hope all of the hot sauce and french fry oil came out of your beard, Mr. Incredibeard.