Museum has giant sculpture of a dog peeing on it

There's no pulling this dog away by his collar.

A giant sculpture of a dog peeing on the Orange County Museum of Art in California isn't a prank, it's art. A new sculpture of a dog towers over the outside wall of the museum with his leg up in the air. Yellow paint sprays out of the sculpture, hitting the wall.

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'Bad Dog' puts Clifford to shame in terms of size but the Big Red Dog is usually much better behaved.

Richard Jackson, a contemporary american artist based in Los Angeles, designed the misbehaving dog as part of an exhibit entitled Ain't Painting A Pain. Jackson is known for his playful artworks.

His recent piece, The Little Girl's Room, showed what looked like it could be the result of an 8-year-old left alone in a room with several buckets of paint. A sculpture of an upside-down pony and a little girl hugging it stood in the centre of the room. In short, it looked like a lot of fun.

Last year, Jackson staged another spectacle dedicated to 'accidents,' though not of the urinating variety. Accidents in Abstract Painting was an outdoor event for which the artist used a model military plane with a 15-foot wingspan, according to the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena.

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He filled the plane with paint. And then he crashed it into a 20-foot wall. The result was explosive.