Must-see videos of the week: Oct. 18

For anyone who doesn't believe dragons exist, think again! Spotted in Truro, England. Credit: AudioColorWorld.

From a dragon terrorizing the skies of London to an incredible family reunion facilitated by Google Maps, we've seen some great videos this week. And without further adieu, on with the dragons!

1. Dragon flying over England?

No, this is not a scene from Reign of Fire, the post-apocalyptic Hollywood flop starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. This is, well, I'm not really sure. The video's description reads, "For anyone who doesn't believe dragons exist, think again! Spotted in Truro, England. Credit: AudioColorWorld." The mystery has yet to be solved.

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2. After 26 years, Google Maps reunites a family

I hope you've got the tissues handy. This incredible video tells the story of Saroo Brierley, who fell asleep on a train when he was five years old only to wake up some 1,500 kilometres away from his home in Calcutta. Removed from his family, Brierley was lost. He was eventually picked up and adopted by a Tasmanian family, but he never forgot about those he left behind. With a few photographic memories of his former home, Brierley amazingly tracked his birth family down using Google Maps. The family reunion is nothing short of incredible!

3. Half-tonne meteorite recovered

Back in February of this year, a mammoth hunk of space rock exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Among the reported damage was a six-metre-wide hole in the ice that covered nearby Lake Chebarkul, leaving many to wonder if a large chunk of space rock lies at the bottom of the lake. They were right. At 1.5-metres wide, the roughly half-ton rock is believed to be the largest chunk of space rock to hit the Earth.

4. Tiger lands a kiss on woman

For many, including myself, this is probably a little too close for comfort. I'm the kind of guy that still takes a subtle step back when a tiger pounces towards the glass at the zoo. But kudos to this girl, who is obviously not nearly as timid as yours truly.

5. Waitress picks up tab for furloughed soldiers

This tidbit of silver lining that emerged from the extended U.S. government shutdown debacle oughta put a smile on your face. Sarah, a waitress in New Hampshire, overheard two of her customers as they commiserated over their lack of pay. The customers happened to be soldiers who were furloughed during the shutdown, and being the awesome waitress she is, Sarah decided to help out. The commentors on Facebook were right: there really oughta be more people like Sarah in the world.

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