Must-see videos of the week: Sept. 13

How cool is this father? After returning from duty, he dressed up as Spiderman and surprised his son!

This week’s must-see videos show a man use his bare hands as a hammer and an ingenious way to unload your beer kegs. And is it too early to hand out the award for Father of the Year? Because this Superdad who returned from a recent tour of duty to surprise his son in a Spider-Man costume is a lock! The little boy's adorable response is, well, I'll let you see for yourself.

1. Soldier in Spider-Man costume surprises son

You've got to love the way the little boy skips the hand shake and goes right in for the hug. And the "huh? Who's there?" reaction to seeing Spider-Man scaling the backyard fence is almost as adorable as the part when the father removes the mask. Too many wonderful things to say about this video.

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2. Spectacular lava flow into water

I'm sure many people — myself included would have steered the boat far away from the molten lava cascading over a cliff and into the water, but we're sure glad these sightseers stuck around to capture this scene on video. Watch the lines of lava spilling off the cliff; the steam from the waves crashing against the hot rocks. The footage is nothing short of incredible.

3. Videographic: Raising the Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia cruise ship has been lying on its side, half submerged in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the western coast of Italy since striking a rock and sinking, killing 32 people in January of 2012. Beginning next week, crews will attempt one of the largest maritime salvage operations ever, and how they plan to do so is just as interesting as it is complex. See it explained in the video above.

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4. Unloading beer kegs like a boss

Some might call him lazy, others might call him negligent, but I call him a genius! Just look at how this guy effortlessly unloads kegs of beer, rolling them across the street and over the curb to his partner waiting on the sidewalk. Sure, the bartenders might want to let these kegs sit for a while — no one likes a lot of head with their draft beer — but I've got to tip my hat to this chap. Well played, sir.

5. Man hammers nails with bare hands

We get videos that feature people displaying their very odd talents quite often. These are the kind of videos that make you think, "now, how do you discover that you can do such a crazy thing?" But this has got to be one of the craziest of said videos that I've ever seen. The caption on this video reads, "now this guy is truly a human hammer. Watch him stick a few nails in a board using his bare hands!" Human hammer? More like a human nail gun. My hand hurts just from watching this.

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