Must-see videos of the week – Dec. 21

From the Canadian way to take out the garbage in the winter to poking fun at the Mayan apocalypse because we know now nothing happened, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Taking the trash out Canadian-style

Canadians are known for being tough and braving cold weather so what this man did shouldn't come as a surprise. He was just about to hop in the shower when his wife reminded him he hadn't taken out the garbage, writes YouTube user janeladele in the video's description. So on Dec. 20 he rushed out in the show pushing the garbage can. With wind chill the temperature was about -36 degrees Celsius. Does anyone else find it strange that he put on a toque, but not pants? I guess about 45 per cent of heat is lost through one's head so maybe it makes sense. Either way, his wife and kids found it very funny. And he probably scored big points with his wife for taking out the trash.

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2. Dancing cop entertains crowds

Now here is a guy who appears to love his job. On the streets of Rhode Island, Tony Lepore waves, wiggles and shimmies to let drivers know when it's their turn to go. He says it all started when he was a bit bored one day and just did a few spins and hand movements and says the people loved it. That was 27 years ago and since then the dance moves have just got more complicated. He's not the first dancing cop. An English police officer entertained crowds as people waited to see the Olympic torch in July.

3. Hundreds arrested for spreading doomsday rumours

Because I am able to write this and you are able to read it, it means the Mayan apocalypse didn't happen. But members of the 'Almighty God' cult thought it was going to and needed to spread their message in China. Too bad for them Chinese police didn't like their cult like messages and arrested hundreds of them. One of the pamphlets they handed out was like that terrible email your great aunt sends you saying if the person didn't pass the message along to 100 people in a day something bad would happen to them.

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4. Local news has fun with doomsday

Over the past week we've had some fun with the Mayan apocalypse writing stories on everything from what the Mayan actually wrote and the Canadian Red Cross's survival tips to the best end of the world parties and suggestions for how it will end. Obviously and luckily none of that happened, but if it had a a local news outlet in Portland would have forecasted the weather correctly. They had a high of 1250 degrees on Friday and no report for Saturday.

5. Boiling water instantly turns into snow

When it's minus 41 few things can keep from freezing including boiling water. A man in Siberia, Russia took a pot of water and threw it over his balcony. The moment the water hit the air it turned into the white fluffy stuff. A few years ago a woman in Yellowknife did the exact same thing in a viral video.

The trick actually only works with hot water because it evaporates faster than cold water. When it's really cold there is hardly any water vapour in the air so when the water is thrown up it creates small droplets and the cold air suddenly contains more water vapour than it has room for, explains climatologist Mark Seeley to Life's Little Mysteries. "So the vapor precipitates out by clinging to microscopic particles in the air, such as sodium or calcium, and forming crystals. This is just what goes into the formation of snowflakes."

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