Must-see videos of the week – Dec. 7

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
A Vancouver police officer donned a cape and tights to get the seasonal message across

From Batman keeping Vancouver residents safe to a kid who is having a really hard time staying awake during a Christmas concert, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Batman nabs joker breaking into car

In a Vancouver parking lot, the Joker walked up to a car, raised a sledgehammer, smashed in the window and attempted to take off with a family's holiday gifts. Luckily, Batman springs into action and arrests him. The video isn't a joke, but was staged by the Vancouver Police Department to tell people that car thefts rise during the holiday season and we shouldn't rely on Batman to save the day.

"People get a little lazy and don't put gifts away," said Batman, who was played by Det. Phil Ens, to 24 Hours Vancouver. "The majority of thefts are by opportunists looking for money for drugs."

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2. Typhoon survivors helped across river

The death toll has surpassed 500 and more than 300,000 people have lost their homes after Typhoon Bopha struck the Philippines Tuesday. But in times of great tragedy come stories of heroism and people doing everything they can to help others. Rescuers used cable lines to help survivors get to the other side of the river because the current would have been far too strong to walk through.

3. When politicians attack

Government House leader Peter Van Loan has now apologized and NDP leader Tom Mulcair and Opposition House leader Nathan Cullen have calmed down, but earlier this week they almost started a bench-clearing brawl in the House. Other politicians had to hold them back. But this one paled in comparison to how other legislators have behaved in other places around the world. India and South Korea have both seen much more violent scenes involving punching and tear gas. In contrast, Cullen has offered to buy Van Loan a coffee to bury the hatchet.

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4. Ping Pong balls are incredibly flammable

This is what happens when you light 2,538 ping pong balls on fire. Luckily these guys did it in a safe manner by surrounding the balls with bricks.

5. Boy wakes only for applause at concert

Now this kid knows how to get through a school Christmas concert. Alexander Hazel manages to sleep though all of the music, but is amazingly able to wake up just for the moment when the crowd applauds. He wasn't fooling everyone though. His grandfather caught him on video.