Must-see videos of the week – Feb. 1

Jordan Chittley
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A reporter deals with a heckler trying to get on camera during a live shot.

From an ice fishing village in a very unlikely place to an inspiring story of a stroke patient learning to walk and talk again, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Reporter gets revenge

A drunk woman walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans is probably going to think twice about the next time she tries to get on camera and heckle a reporter while she's doing a live standup. Instead of shooing the passerby away, the quick-witted reporter quickly turns the tables. She explains they are doing a story about the sexually transmitted disease rate and asks how long the heckler has had an STD. The woman says she doesn't have one and the reporter then asks why she is doing an interview. I guess that's one way to remove a heckler.

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2. Ice fishing village in centre of Montreal

We usually picture ice fishing happening on scenic lakes well outside of the city, but not this one. This village is accessibly by transit and sits in the shadow of the Old Port of Montreal. More than 500 people at any given time can rent space cast their line. As fishing guide Mark Currie explains in the video, many of the fish are pretty small, but the fishing is "second-to-none." He's led groups from all over the world because he said when people come to Montreal from places like Brazil they want to see ice fishing. What these tourists won't see are igloos. People get to fish inside heated huts.

3. Rapping math teacher

Math can be boring, but not with rapper/teacher 2 Pi. His name is actually Jake Scott and he's a teacher at a school in Maryland. Three years ago he starting rapping to connect with his students and it seems to be working.

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4. Inmates create ice palace in New York

Well this is a long way from the traditional image of a chain gang. Prisoners from upstate New York worked alongside volunteers breaking and stacking ice to help make an ice castle that will be the centrepiece at the annual Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. The prisoners aren't chained together, but work under the watchful eyes of guards and can shave years off their sentences for working in these labour-intensive programs.

5. Stroke patients speaks again thanks to music therapy

Doctors told Bill Forester's family he may never walk or speak again after suffering a stroke and being in a coma for three days. Now, 3.5 years later and with the help of music-based therapy, Forester is walking, running and singing.

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