Must-see videos of the week – Feb. 15

Jordan Chittley
Daily BuzzFebruary 15, 2013

From a cat that walks with only two right legs to a view from inside a jet fighter, we've seen some awesome videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Woman who flipped off judge apologizes

A woman was upset with her initial judgment, gave a judge the middle finger while walking away last week. Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat had just raised her fine from $5,000 to $10,000 and the young woman, Penelope Soto showed her displeasure with the jester while blurting out "f!*& you." The judge, obviously pissed off with her action, sentenced her to 30 days in jail. She was back in court almost a week later and delivered a tearful apology. "My behaviour was very irrational, and I apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family." She also admitted to taking to Xanax before her first court appearance and the judge warned of the dangers of prescription drugs.

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2. Cat with only right legs overcomes adversity

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with all of the amputated animal stories, but it's amazing modern medicine has advanced to that point. On Tuesday we ran a story about two dogs who both lost both of their front legs and now work at therapy dogs in a hospital in Colorado. But Kandu and Lucy have some cuteness competition this week. Caffrey is a two-legged cat. He lost his left hind leg 10 years ago after being run over by a car. His left front paw was damaged in the incident, but saved. However, four months ago doctors found a tumour on the left front leg and had to amputate the leg. He certainly does have some amazing balance.

3. Woman, toddler survive scary hit and run

Shocking footage captured on CCTV in England shows a woman and a toddler crossing the street. As the car in the left lane slows for them, a car speeds through the right lane and smashes right into the two. Amazingly, the woman and child escaped with only minor injuries despite flying into the air. The hit and run happened in December, but police released the video this week in hopes of tracking down the driver, who drove off after the collision.

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4. Pregnant woman takes a 'sled' to the hospital

A pregnant woman in Connecticut acted very Canadian last Sunday. Lauri Wood went into labour after the blizzard, but her car and street were buried under a metre of snow. The baby was coming and she had to get to a hospital so her husband and several neighbours made a sled out of car luggage carrier and dragged her about 900 metres to the first road that had been plowed. That part took about 40 minutes. A car picked her up and they made it to the hospital in time for little Jimmy's arrival. However, if this did happen in Canada, chances are they wouldn't have to use a makeshift sled.

5. Inside look at fighter jet flight

Top Gun has met real life. A Navy pilot and YouTube user SirFrancis92 shot and uploaded a video from inside the cockpit of an F-18 Super Hornet. It's pretty much the view Maverick, Goose, Viper and Ice Man had, but we don't see any dog fights. I wasn't in the plane and have a good tolerance for motion, but even I was a bit queasy watching the footage.