Must-see videos of the week – Feb. 22

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

From a snowplow driver having a jolly time burying parked cars to a man who went out of his way to plow all of his neighbours driveways, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Plow driver brags about burying cars

If this happened to my car I would definitely want to punch this guy in the face. Snowplow driver Mark Hussey recorded this video of himself plowing the street, but burying cars in Lowell, Mass. He posted the video of himself to YouTube confirming what many think: Plows make the roads clear, but pile mounds super high at the ends of driveways and trap cars. This shows at least one plow operator has fun making people stuck. The video was filmed Feb. 10 after the area was hit with more than 60 cm of snow. At least he likes his job. He says in the video, "If you're plowing, I know you're not having as much fun as I am."

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2. Woman calls 911 because she needs cigarettes

People have called 911 for a lot of dumb reasons. A 10-year-old boy called it to avoid bedtime, a woman called it to ask an officer on a date, a woman called it because McDonald's didn't have McNuggets, a man called it when he was turned away at a nightclub and a woman called it to make her husband stop watching porn. And those are the people who have something to say. In 2011, Toronto dispatchers received 107,000 pocket dials. But Linda White of Texas may have the most ridiculous reason yet. Earlier this week she called from a mobile home for cigarettes. "I'm trying to call 911 to tell 'em I need some cigarettes," she told dispatchers. Deputies responded, realized she was drunk and arrested her for 911 abuse. Turns out smoking can be bad for you in more ways than one.

3. Toddler rescued after being stuck in washing machine

We're not sure if this kid has an older sibling or how he got in the washing machine, but earlier this week firefighters used a hacksaw and an electric saw to free a toddler. The kid seemed scared, but was distracted during the cutting by candy. His mother said he often plays in the washing machine, but we're guessing both parent and child are going to learn their lessons after this.

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4. Woman finds boyfriend cheating on Internet maps site

When Google Maps came to Canadian cities a number of journalists went through many of the streets looking for funny photos and there were plenty. But what one Russian woman found on an Internet maps site wasn't making her laugh. Marina Voinova was searching Yandex Maps for an address using the street view feature when she saw her boyfriend with his arm around another woman. She confronted him by asking him to plug the address into Yandex Maps and he was forced to confess all of his cheating.

5. Man clears neighbours driveway snow

While lots of unfortunate stuff happens in the news, we also have to talk about stories of truly good people. The people who clear snow for others instead of burying their cars. Some parts of the Greater Kansas City area received more than 35 cm snow on Thursday. This may not seem like a lot for many Canadians (unless you live in Toronto and city officials call in the army), but it is definitely a lot for a place where the average February snowfall total is 8.1 cm. Kansas City infoZine reports that at times it was snowing as much as nine centimetres per hour. But even though that part of the country may not receive that much snow, one man had a snow blower, or as KMBC News reporter Jana Corrie called a "fancy snowblower." And he decided to just be a good neighbour. He plowed driveway after driveway in his neighbourhood.