Must-see videos of the week – Jan. 11

From an awesome new Canadian sport that involves a sled, snow and a parachute to a woman who may be a contender for worst mother of the year, we've seen some great videos this week: Here are our favourites:

1. Mother finds lost wallet, gives money to kids

Most of the time when we report on wallets or other valuable items being lost, a good Samaritan picks it up and hunts down the rightful owner. And that's what may make this next video so surprising. A mother sees a wallet sitting on the ground at a department store in Georgia so she picks it up, opens it up and hands the cash (about $100) to her kids. For this she's definitely in the running for worst mother of the year. The man who lost it, Joseph Smith, happens to be a new father and seminary student. When he went back to the store to ask about his wallet, they showed him the surveillance video of the mother dishing out the cash.

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2. Snowmobile parachuting

As Canadians, we should hope this becomes the next Olympic sport because it's awesome and we'd probably do very well at it. It's called parasledding and it was apparently created by Eric Oddy as he combined snowmobiling with parachuting in the Rocky Mountains of B.C. "Snow mobile verses paraglider equals the ride of a life time," reads the YouTube page.

3. Pizza restaurant turned into drive-thru

An elderly man accidentally drove right through the front door of a pizza place in Nebraska Wednesday. But that wasn't going to stop him from doing what he drove there to do. So he ordered a pizza. And who could blame him? He was in the right spot. Witnesses say the man wasn't even surprised by what he did. The man didn't appear to be hurt, but unfortunately for him he was taken to hospital so he wouldn't get to enjoy the pizza. No one else was hurt.

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4. Man plays piano backwards

When this next video first starts out it just looks like someone playing piano, but then you realize something is strange with his hands. His thumbs are in the wrong spot. But as the camera pans out, we realize he is sitting backwards on the bench backwards and not even looking at the piano. Then he turns around and really shows off his impressive skills.

5. The new best job in the world

This really might be one of the best jobs in the world, provided you aren't terrified of water slides and international travel. SplashWorld is looking for a slide tester to tour its water parks across Europe and North Africa to personally ride the slides, try the foods and brag about it in a blog. Other amazing jobs include taking care of an island in Australia and being a LEGO master model builder like this Toronto man.

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