Must-see videos of the week: Jan. 12-18

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Harrison Greenbaum is a stand-up comedian based in New York City. On December 26 he took to the streets to perform a new trick. Watch as Harrison stops groups of complete strangers and seemingly talks to their deceased relatives and friends. Afterwards Harrison explains that he does not have any supernatural powers and the entire exercise was to show the illusions used to ‘talk to the dead’. Credit: Harrison Greenbaum

Take some time to appreciate the many hobbies of people online this week. Some love to sing. Others are great comedians. And some people collect strange things — like Gatorade. See all that and more in this week's must-see videos:

Stand-Up Comic 'Talks to the Dead'

Whether or not you believe in psychics, after watching this video, you'll have to take your next supernatural encounter with a grain of salt. Comedian Harrison Greenbaum approaches tourists and convinces them he has psychic powers that allow him to commune with the dead.

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Mom makes son throw away Gatorade collection

This poor man is being forced to part with his beloved collection of Gatorade flavours and he decided to film the sad occasion. Towards the end, you can see him get quite emotional about giving up his favourites — and his buddy thinks it's a riot.

Little girl's beautiful rendition of Disney Song

It'd be tough for most singers to compete with the musical stylings of stage and screen star Idina Menzel, so for someone so young to take on a big song like Let It Go from the new Disney movie Frozen is all the more impressive. Watch nine-year-old Annelise belt out the Oscar-nominated song with her wonderful singing voice.

Deputies throw rice and buckwheat in parliament

Parliamentarians in the Ukraine were not very well behaved this week, as they took to throwing their food at a fellow MP. The newly-elected member of parliament is accused by some other MPs of pandering for votes by giving pensioners rations of buckwheat and cooking oil, Reuters reports. Other politicians showed their displeasure with the man's plan by returning some of the foodstuffs to him.

Best Baby Announcement Ever!

And finally, check out this couple's spooky and amazing baby announcement.

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