Must-see videos of the week – Jan. 25

From a dramatic rescue in the middle of a flood to Obama inspiring someone on the other side of the world, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Boy rescued from raging flood waters

Australians have had to deal with some incredibly severe weather over the past few weeks. Massive wildfires destroyed numerous homes in the southern part of the country and now the eastern part of the country is dealing with heavy flooding after Cyclone Oswald blew through. The heavy rains forced rescue workers to risk their own lives and save a 14-year-old boy who was clinging to a tree. This boy isn't the only one to be rescued this way. According to News24, authorities said there were more than 20 water rescue cases across central Queensland overnight Thursday and early Friday. The Bureau of Meteorology said between 10 to 20 cm of rain fell in a six-hour period.

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2. Dolphin asks diver to untangle it from fishing line

Diver Keller Laros spent almost eight minutes helping untangle a dolphin who was caught in fishing line off the coast of Hawaii. According to the Daily Mail, Laros was leading snorkelers when he heard the dolphin squealing. "They way he came right up and pushed himself into me there was no question this dolphin was there for help," he said. The dolphin allowed him to remove the line and then swam off.

3. Baby miraculously survives crash

A young girl shot out of the back window of an SUV after it swerved into oncoming traffic and collided with a truck. The girl amazingly survives the impact with the road and narrowly misses the tire of an oncoming truck as her parents grab her and run her to the other side of the road. The video was shot in Russia on a dashboard camera of another vehicle. If you are wondering why a lot of crazy videos shot from dashboard cameras come out of Russia, it's because they are fairly common there and are used to settle insurance disputes.

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4. Cops catch woman who stole scooter

A woman in Central Florida was chased down and pulled over by police after stealing a motorized shopping cart from a grocery store. Cops probably had an easy time catching her as the top speed is 4 km/h. She told police she was too tired to walk. She faces up to a year in jail for the theft.

5. Obama inspires half-brother to run for office in Kenya

Earlier this week we witnessed all the pomp of Obama's second inauguration. And while his speech was meant to inspire Americans, he is also inspiring someone on the other side of the world. Malik Obama, Barack's half-brother has launched a campaign to be governor of a rural Kenyan country. He is considered an outsider and isn't thought to have a likely chance of winning, but who knows what will happen with that last name on the ballot.

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