Must-see videos of the week – July 6

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

We've seen some great videos this week and here are some of our favourites:

1. SUV goes airborne after launching off buckled highway

A Wisconsin woman just happened to be in the right place and unknowingly recording video on her phone when an SUV hit a piece of highway that had buckled in the heat and took flight. The two passengers in the SUV were taken to hospital with neck and back pains, but were able to walk away from the incident.

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2. Massive sinkhole opens on Manitoba highway

Heavy rainfall caused a 200-metre wide, five-metre deep portion of Highway 83 in western Manitoba to give way. Officials say the rain weakened the soil, which forced the road to collapse. According to an area resident, it looks like something right out of a movie.

3. Charity runner arrested in Quebec

Curtis Hargrove is trying to raise $1 million for a children's hospital in Edmonton by running across Canada, but he was arrested in Quebec for running on the Trans-Canada Highway.

When the story first broke, Hargrove had only raised about $14,000, but his new-found fame led to a flood of donations. "It's the best thing that could probably happen," he said. Hargrove has now signed a document saying he won't run on the Trans-Canada in Quebec.

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4. Kite surfer jumps over pier

Tropical Storm Debby recently hit Florida, soaking parts of the state and forcing residents to clean up a soggy mess, but one daredevil seemed to make the most of it. The kite surfer can be seen riding the waves toward the pier at Redington Beach on the Gulf Coast before doubling back and then launching over the dock and landing safely on the other side. He didn't even skip a beat and continued kite surfing after landing.

5. Crazy guy feeds crocodile

A man in Costa Rica can be seen slapping the water with some food as the giant beast slowing glides toward him and then the croc jumps up and snatches the food. The man doesn't even seem nervous being that close to a creature that could easily bite him in half.