Must-see videos of the week – June 21

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
She'll definitely regret wearing high heels after this graduation procession walk! Now that's embarrassing!

From a woman who stumbles numerous times while walking at graduation to people seeing a type of whale off the B.C. coast that hasn't been seen in more than 60 years, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Embarrassing graduation walk

Students may have completed all of their classes and written all of their exams but in order to pick up that piece of paper and actually graduate they have to go for a short walk. A short walk that one woman will remember for a long time after stumbling numerous times in her cap and gown while walking down a plant-lined football field. The person next to her just keeps walking without even missing a step. For anyone who is graduating in the near future, we suggest wearing flats.

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2. Daring man rides whale shark

Most of us wouldn't think to jump in the water with a 10-metre long animal, but that's exactly what Chris Kreis did. The 19-year-old jumped off a boat in Florida and grabbed the fin of the world's largest fish. He was pulled for about 20 seconds before letting go. "It's massive, it's the size of the boat," Kreis told NBC 2. "When I started holding on I felt the whale shark, it started moving itself, it felt the drag and it didn't really want me on there so I let go and that's it." Whale sharks are not endangered and riding one isn't against the law, but marine biologists warn that riding them can be harmful to people and the fish.

3. Rare right whale spotted off B.C. coast

Whale lovers and conservationists had all but given up hope of ever seeing a right whale again until they sighted one near Haida Gwaii earlier this month. The right whale hasn't been seen near B.C. for more than 60 years. In the mid 1800s they were abundant, but whaling reduced their numbers. In the 1930s they were officially protected, but the Soviets continued to hunt them almost to extinction. A whale expert in Vancouver called these whales the 'holy grail' because they are so close to extinction he never thought they'd see another one.

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4. Alaskan, Yukon heat wave

We usually don't associate packed beaches, umbrellas and sunscreen with Alaska, but that's what people are seeing now. The heat wave is also being felt in the Yukon where temperatures hit in the high 20s this week and it's expected to hit into the mid 30s next week. This makes Dawson one of the hottest places in Canada and it rivals temperatures in Texas and Florida. The average high for June is about 21 degrees. While some bask in the heat, it is feeding a 660-hectare forest fire about 50 km south of Dawson City. There is also the issue of having nowhere to escape it, since few homes have air conditioning and it's only dark for about five hours a day.

5. Men travel a mile underground in caves to set record

British explorers Chris Jewell and Jason Mallinson led a team of about 40 explorers 1,545m below sea level in the Sistema Huautla caves in Mexico to break the record for the farthest anyone has travelled underground in the Western Hemisphere. The men had to dive, swim, climb and repel all without seeing natural light for weeks. But the best part of the video may be when reporter Sean Keane describes just how low they went. "This is the lowest a human being has ever gone in the Western Hemisphere aside from in certain episodes of the Bachelor."