Must-see videos of the week – June 28

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
12,500 curved toothpicks were used to create model of NAC Orchestra.

From a miniature model of an entire orchestra made out of toothpicks to an incredibly modest thief who left much of the booty behind, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Ottawa orchestra made entirely from toothpicks

Ottawa resident and long time patron of the National Arts Centre Go Sato used 12,500 toothpicks to created a miniature model of the NAC Orchestra. It consists of 61 musicians and took him three years of his spare time and holidays to create. It was officially unveiled Tuesday at the NAC foyer and will be on public display for Canada Day. It may seem like a strange hobby, but isn't too far removed from his day job of drawing tiny insects for agriculture Canada. This was the second gift Sato gave to NAC. He also made a model of Parliament out of NAC ticket stubs.

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2. Surfer rides glacier wave in Alaska

Alaska may be much better known for skiing than surfing, but daredevil Garret McNamara caught a ride on a wave created by a chunk falling off a glacier. McNamara and Kealii Mamala, who towed him into the wave with a jet ski, waited at the bottom of a 90-metre tall iceberg in freezing water 20 hours a day for seven days waiting for a piece to fall. Of course, if things went wrong, a much bigger piece than they were expecting could have fallen and they would have been crushed to death. When the piece broke, the wave started and McNamara was towed and while it looks like the waved engulfs him at first, he eventually pops out. "It was the closest I've ever come to death," he said to CNN. "I wanted to go home after the first day...But it's fun to be the first to do something. It's a totally new experience - no one can tell you what it feels like, what to expect." The video has recently resurfaced after being shot in 2007. McNamara holds the record for riding the biggest wave ever at 24 metres or about the height of an eight-storey building.

3. Grandma, 100, finally graduates elementary school

Earlier this month, an 89-year-old woman in B.C. became the oldest person to graduate from high school in that province and possibly Canada. Cathleen (Kay) Eddison left high school at 16 for a job because times were tough and this year realized her dream. She is a spring chicken compared to Mexican Manuela Hernandez. At the age of 100, Hernandez recently graduated from elementary school after dropping out just a year in because her family needed her to help with the chores at home. She returned to her studies last October and now is thinking about attending secondary school.

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4. Thief only takes $1.2M out of $93M during plane heist

About $93 million dollars was in transit on a Swiss Air flight from Zurich to New York bound for the U.S. Federal Reserve. Police aren't sure how it happened, but at some point, an arm sized-hole was poked in one of the crates carrying the money and the robber took 12 bundles of $100 bills, but left $91.8 million. No one noticed until the Fed counted the money. Wonder if it's hard for the robber to think about how much more he or she would be able to buy if he or she had only grabbed a couple more bundles.

5. Worst beach lifeguard ever

Most people know TV isn't like reality, but this is nothing like Baywatch. The lifeguard uses fins and then tries to run in them realizing the water level is about ankle deep. I'm just glad I'm not the one being rescued.