Must-see videos of the week – June 7

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
A curious bear standing on his hind legs decides to open up the doors of this truck in British Columbia, Canada.

From a bear standing on its hind legs and looking like a furry person when breaking into a car to a cop jamming in front of a hundred people on the street, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Bear standing on hind legs breaks into car

B.C. resident Rebecca Moore and her husband were woken early one morning to see a bear inside one of their cars. So Moore started filming. They witnessed the bear climb out of the one car and then get on its hind legs and open the door of the truck without seeming to put in any effort. "He's obviously a pro, he's used to doing it," she told CBC. "You just couldn't believe what you were seeing."

Moore said her and her husband chased the bear away shortly after they started filming. Conservation officers say this has happened before and will happen again. They urge people to not leave food inside their vehicles.

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2. Teen fails to land in pool when jumping from roof

Jumping from a roof into a pool probably isn't on most people's list of good ideas, no matter how close the pool is to the edge of the roof. Some of Nicole Easton's friend's have made the jump from her Arizona roof and make it look rather easy. But when Easton, 19, tried it for the first time, she didn't quite make it to the pool. And no matter how many times you watch this video, you'll probably cringe every time her feet hit the deck. She broke both of her heels in the fall.

3. Boy reunited with dog after Oklahoma tornadoes

Tornadoes ripped through Moore, Oklahoma at the end of May killing 24 people. In addition to lives and people's homes, the tornadoes took a lot more - people's pets. But with many tragedies there are stories that make us shed a tear of joy. A boy and his grandfather had been looking everywhere for their dog and found it at when finally going to the humane society. The Central Oklahoma Humane Society has helped 83 animals reunite with their families, according to News9. Volunteers took in about 140 displaced animals after tornadoes tore across Moore and about another 15 animals after the tornadoes last Friday.

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4. Cop plays guitar for crowds on street

When cops are usually filmed by unsuspecting citizens, they are usually sleeping in their cruisers or using excessive force, but one officer in England was doing what he could to improve public relations. Officer Ian Northcott decided to join some buskers and play an Oasis song. Northcott played for more than 10 minutes and had more than a hundred people watching. He helped the street performers earn $20 for his guest appearance. Northcott isn't the first cop to have a positive video go viral. Tony Lepore weaves, wiggles and shimmies on the streets of Rhode Island as he conducts traffic.

5. Screaming flower girl

Flower girls with their extreme cuteness and white dresses often command more attention than the bride when they walked down the aisle. But this one really stole the show for doing something most people would probably fear at their wedding. She went screaming down the aisle and didn't drop a single flower.