Must-see videos of the week – Nov. 16

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

From a brave diver untangling and possibly saving the life of a shark to a plane skidding off a runway and bouncing off grass, we've seen some amazing footage this week. Here are some of our favourite videos:

1. Divers save tangled shark

In an impressive display of bravery, a group of divers off the coast of Baja, Mexico saved a whale shark after they noticed it had rope wrapped around its midsection. The giant creature remained completely stoic as the diver cut the rope and took it off unveiling badly damaged skin. The shark is expected to make a full recovery.

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2. Head to head with a ram

From an incredibly kind and touching encounter between a human and an animal to a stupid and hilarious one. For some strange reason, the guy puts on a football helmet, gets into a stance as if he's getting ready to rush a quarterback and battles a ram head on. As rams are made to fight this way you may be able to guess that the ram definitely won this fight and sent the man running around the pen.

3. Woman clueless after tooth surgery

Things can seem pretty confusing when waking up from surgery and this woman is no different. She has no idea what's going on. She thinks she is about to go into the surgery and can't believe the surgery is already over. She slurs her words explaining she wants to learn to make smoothies at Jamba Juice and then says she doesn't want to be charged because she hasn't had the surgery yet.

The guy filming this isn't the first to make a hilarious video of someone waking up from surgery. A few months ago a kid was quite "dizzy" and proceeded to put on a comedy unexpected routine in front of his parents.

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4. Colbert vs. Windsor

Windsor has seemed to be in the news a lot lately and while many may be laughing, people in the Southern Ontario city aren't. American comedian Stephen Colbert questioned whether Windsor is the Earth's rectum in his new book. NDP Windsor MP Brian Masse shot back suggesting Colbert is off his medications and invited the actor to come to the city. While some may not be laughing, a CBC poll shows 84 per cent of people believe the description will be good for the city.

5. Dramatic crash landing in Brazil

A plane was coming in to land at a Sao Paulo airport when, as the video shows, it skidded off the runway, bounced off the lawn and crashed through a fence eventually coming to a stop next to one of Sao Paulo's busiest highways. The plane began smoking almost immediately as everyone on board ran away. No one died, but three people were slightly injured, according to BBC.

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