Must-see videos of the week – Nov. 2

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Superstorm Sandy provided some amazing footage of the true power of mother nature, but that wasn't the only fascinating footage we saw this week. Here are our some of the top videos from this week including some from Sandy.

1. Salmon swim upstream on road

The East Coast of the U.S. isn't the only place experiencing flooding. A flooding river covered a road in Washington state, allowing migrating salmon to swim on the pavement. One wasn't fast enough and was caught by a dog. The dog with at least one fish caught is officially a better fisherman that I am. The Associated Press reports flooding like this happens nearly every year on the Skokomish River after heavy rains in the Olympic Mountains meaning salmon often swim on the road.

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2. Girl cries over U.S. election

In four days Americans will go to the polls and we won't have to watch any more election ads or news. It's a time many people are looking forward to after what has seemed to be a never-ending campaign - especially one little girl in Colorado. Four-year-old Abigael Evans lives in the crucial swing state and even though her mother says they don't watch TV in the house, she has probably been exposed to more election ads and news coverage than the average American unless they live in Ohio or Florida. She says she is sick of it.

"I just picked her up from daycare so she was grumpy after a long day and we were driving to the grocery store listening to NPR," said her mother Elizabeth to ABC. "I wasn't really listening and when I was getting her out of the car, she started saying that she was tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney."

NPR apologized to the toddler in a press release.

3. HMS Bounty tall ship sinks

It isn't often we get to see images of ships sinking and even less often that they are replica tall ships. The Nova Scotian-built HMS Bounty was caught in rough seas on Monday and the crew abandoned ship into life rafts. Search and rescue crews managed to save 14 crew members, but one was found dead and the search was called off for the captain after four days. This version of the ship was built for the 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty, based on the real-life mutiny aboard the Bounty in 1789. The first Bounty also lays at the bottom of the ocean after being burned by the mutinying crewmates to avoid detection by the Royal Navy in 1790.

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4. Massive tree uprooted by monster storm

The vicious winds from superstorm Sandy leveled this tree in a Long Island backyard. The tree that is guessed to be about 100 years old came crashing to the ground as its roots were ripped from the ground. This was just one of many similar cases happening all around the affected area. In one case, 200-year-old human remains were uncovered when a 103-year old oak tree toppled over in Connecticut.

5. Sandy throws roller coast into ocean

The boardwalk in Seaseide Hieghts, New Jersey made famous partly because of Snooki and the rest of her Jersey Shore guidos and guidettes faced Sandy head on and experienced some of the worst damage. Footage shot from the air shows waves crashes into an amusement park and the roller coast that sits at the end of the pier swept right into the water when the pier collapsed.