Must-see videos of the week – Nov. 9

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

From a memorable and inspiring election victory speech to a pilot walking away from a crash that smashed his plane, we've seen some amazing footage. Here are some of our favourite videos this week:

1. Pilot walks away from crash

Looking at the crash one may think there is no way anyone on board survived, but one lucky pilot managed to walk away from the wreck unhurt. The plane was about 800 metres above ground when the engine failed. The 58-year-old experienced pilot used all of his skills to land the small aircraft on the banks of a dam. One rescuer said the pilot didn't have a lot of time to make decisions and instincts just kicked in.

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2. New beauty treatment is a slap in the face

Getting smacked around may not seem like the best way to improve your look, but it is the latest beauty fad from Asia. Tata, a Chinese-born masseuse, and her American husband opened a salon in San Francisco specializing in "face slapping." They say it firms the face, lessens the wrinkles, slims the face and makes the pores smaller. A reporter for The Associated Press tried it out and said she could notice a difference, but dermatologists say the change is temporary. If you are looking to try it out, one treatment will cost $350.

3. Harper gets his hockey fix in India

We may not be watching hockey here, but they are in India and the star of the team is Stephen Harper. The Prime Minister took some time to play a bit of ball hockey during his six-day tour if India. He faced off against Canada's Minister of State for Sport Bal Gosal and their teams were made up of school children in Bangalore. He also picked up some tips for playing cricket. Harper and wife Laureen were in India on a mission to expand trade, hoping to sign a trade deal next year.

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4. Determined cat squeezes into box

This cat definitely doesn't give up. We're not sure why he or she is so interested in getting into the box , but even after the owner takes the box of his or her head, the cat goes right back at trying. The cat eventually gets in, showing off some impressive contortionist skills.

5. Obama's victory speech

One of the biggest stories this past week was the re-election of President Obama. And while many watched coverage online and on TV, some like me, just couldn't stay awake to watch Obama's victory speech. Early Wednesday morning, Obama delivered an inspiring speech, bringing many in the Chicago crowd to tears. So if you were like me, here is the entire 24 minutes of his speech.

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