Must-see videos of the week – Oct. 12

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

From a dog showing an amazing display of heroism to a British family learning they are Mitt Romney's relatives, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Superdog saves dogs stuck in canoe

While we hear stories often about dogs running back into burning houses or waking up their owners to save their lives, dogs aren't just man's best friend. They are also incredibly loyal to other animals. During the Japan earthquake and tsunami a dog stayed by a seriously wounded dog. And in California in April, a black Labrador braved oncoming traffic to stay beside a dying golden retriever. The retriever was lying in the middle of a busy street, but the black Lab, named Grace, was making sure no other car hit it.

Now something similar has happened, but with a much better outcome. A dog sensed two dogs stuck in a canoe were in trouble as they slowly drifted down a river. The dog jumped in the water, swam out to the canoe, grabbed a bowline and dragged the canoe to shore.

"They loyalty that they have for one another is the same kind of loyalty that people have for each other," said Christina Fuentes of the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, to ABC 7 News.

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2. Dad kicks ball at young son's face

While many people are calling this dad the worst parent ever for putting his kid in net and then kicking the ball at his head, most people aren't talking about how this kid may be an awesome goalie one day. He did make the save even if he isn't ready for the rebound.

The father doesn't even hold the kid for long before the mother steps in to try to keep him from crying. It's unclear if the father had to sleep in the soccer net that night.

3. Meet Romney's English relatives

Five siblings in the U.K. have learned they share a great-great-grandfather with the Republican presidential candidate.

"He looks a bit like one of me brothers," says one of the siblings Jennie Wilcock in the video. She told the Telegraph her brother used to have dark hair and the same sort of face.

They didn't even know a relative was running until a grandson-in-law traced the links back five generations to George Romney, who died in 1859.

The family said to the Telegraph they would welcome Romney if he wanted to visit and it would be great because they don't often get to meet multimillionaires. The Romney campaigned declined to comment on the relatives.

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4. Twins falls asleep while eating

After a long and busy morning of playing in the pool and building sandcastles on the beach, twins A.J. and M.J. were just too tired to stay awake for lunch. According to the description on the YouTube video, the 22-month-olds were trying really hard, but were powerless. They nod off and jolt themselves awake a few times, but eventually end up passed out with one of them putting his head in the bowl of spaghetti.

5. Cat totally fails to jump onto shelf

I don't usually get cat videos, but this one is absolutely hilarious. The cat lines up and eyes the shelf for a few moments, then turns around and eyes it again. One may think the cat has done this before or has jumped before the way it is staring down the shelf, but that probably isn't the case. The cat doesn't even come close. It just falls off the table like a person would fall if he or she was unexpectedly tripped.