Must-see videos of the week – September 21

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

From a Winnipeg man giving his shoes to a barefoot man to a pig helping a drowning goat, this week's videos are mostly filled with acts of kindness. Here are some of our favourite clips:

1. Winnipeg bus driver gives shoes to barefoot man

On a chilly Winnipeg morning, bus driver Kris Doubledee did something earlier this week he didn't even have to think about and something he said he'd do 1,000 times over. He stopped his bus, took his shoes off and gave them to a barefoot man who may have been homeless.

"I didn't realize why he was talking to him until all of a sudden, the bus driver took his shoes off," said passenger Denise Campbell to CBC. "I looked down and realized the man had no shoes on, and it was really cold out."

The driver had noticed the barefoot man the day before, but on the second day was in a position to help. His kindness now has his phone ringing off the hook and he will appear CBS's morning show in New York City Saturday. Doubledee just hopes his story inspires others to perform similar acts.

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2. Did Jesus have a wife?

Christian tradition has long held the belief that Jesus wasn't married, but that may change after a 4th-Century Coptic papyrus fragment may refer to a wife. The word wife may be referring to Mary Magdalene. Harvard divinity professor Karen King unveiled the script earlier this week in Rome. She said early on Jesus' marital status was a debate. King was skeptical at first if the papyrus was genuine, but now believes it is. Further examination and testing will have to be done to know for sure.

3. Pig rescues baby goat

A tiny cute goat seemed to have trouble swimming at a petting zoo and a pig swam over to rescue the goat. We're not exactly sure how the goat was able to make it to the rocks, but the super swine seemed to show the goat how to swim and get to shore. Since being uploaded Wednesday the video has been viewed almost 600,000 times.

This pig and goat aren't the first animals to make an unlikely friendship. As shown in this Yahoo! gallery, dogs can be close with buffalo, pigs, bears and tiger cubs, tigers can be friends with monkeys and rats can be friends with frogs.

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4. Lightning strikes SUV

Earlier this year a passenger plane was struck by lightning giving us some amazing footage, but LiveScience reports it is actually quite a common occurrence. The average plane gets hit about once a year, but planes are designed to take the charge. Now we are seeing dash cam video of lightning striking an SUV while it is driving on a wet road.

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5. Mom, daughter help old man cross road

Most of the time we see dash cameras it's either a crazy crash or maneuver, but this time it's just a touching moment. A young woman is riding a scooter with her daughter sitting in the front when they saw an elderly man trying to cross at a crosswalk. The man was moving quite slowly and only made it a small fraction of the way across the intersection before the light turned, at which point cars started to zoom around him like water rushing around a boulder in a river. The mother saw this, hopped of her bike with her daughter and stopped traffic to help the man across the street.