Namaqua rain frog will squeak you to death

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Presented with an image of the Namaqua rain frog's angry face, you might think it was one tough frog.

The spotted frog from South Africa puffs up into a ball and stands on its tiny legs to defend itself. And then it squeaks like a cat toy. YouTube user Dean Boshoff uploaded a video of the adorably angry frog last week and it's amassed more than 680,000 views.

The animal kingdom is a fascinating place, full of yelling goats, creepy red fox howls and hairy frogs. The hairy frog breaks its own bones to create claws for defence, according to New Scientist, and it isn't the only bizarre life-saving mechanism employed in nature.

One species of squid can cut off part of its own arm when it's attacking or being attacked, according to Dropping limbs is quite a distraction. In other horror movie tactics, there's a species of lizard in Mexico and the Southern U.S. that will shoot blood out of its eyes if you threaten its safety, according to New Scientist. It's best not to mess with it; things can get bloody pretty fast.

The rain frog might sound like a munchkin on helium but we like to think that in its own head, it sounds something like this. We're grateful for the this creature's reminder that defence can be cute, too.