Nearly-naked Ontario man arrested after biting dog

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

One the first day of journalism school we learned that if a dog bites a man it isn't newsworthy. But if a man bites a dog it is newsworthy due to the unusual nature of the act, so this story is definitely one we have to cover.

A nearly-naked man was arrested after being seen biting a dog in the eastern Ontario town of Pembroke, reports the Toronto Star.

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Witnesses called police early Wednesday morning and when they arrived, the man was down to his underwear. Police apprehended the man and took him to hospital to be assessed and animal control took control of the dog, which suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Police aren't sure why the man acted this way, but Const. Dillon Gerundin told the Star," We're not ruling out drugs."

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This isn't the first sad story of a man biting a dog. Earlier this month, an angry teen in San Francisco bit and allegedly beat his pit bull. In May, a drunk 19-year-old woman was arrested after allegedly biting her mother's dog in Illinois. And in June a crazed fugitive in North Carolina bit a police dog's ear off following a chase. The police German Shepherd didn't take it very well and bit back.

But dogs aren't always innocent in the bizarre acts. A little more than a week ago, a hunter named Rene told a French radio station about how his dog shot him. ABC News reports Rene was hunting with his basset hounds in southwest France when one of the dogs jumped up to him and accidentally hit the trigger of a gun.

Doctors had to amputate his hand, but Rene doesn't hold a grudge against his dog. He told radio station France-Bleu Perigord, "It's not his fault."