Neighbours feeling dizzy from powerful marijuana smell from nearby house

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

When your neighbours are getting high from the smell of your basement marijuana grow-op, it might be time to slow down business.

The reported smell of pot coming from a home near Ann Arbor, Michigan, is so powerful that some neighbours complain it disturbs their sleep, according to

Residents filed a petition under a zoning bylaw that prevents the 'creation of offensive odours,' according to the report.

Police and town officials said they've smelled the fumes too, which seem to emanate from a pipe sticking out of a basement window.

The attorneys supporting the petition are adamant that the problem is the terrible smell, not the possibility of the alleged grow-op being illegal.

“It’s the noxious odors that’s really the nuisance and that’s the bottom line,” Township Attorney Doug Winters told

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It's legal to grow and use medical marijuana in Ann Arbor if a doctor provides written approval for a debilitating medical condition. However, it isn't legal to grow and sell weed out of a bungalow in that residential area, according to the report.

That hasn't stopped others from growing the drug illegally, such as employees of a nail salon where police seized 70 plants last spring.

The house in question is apparently less covert about its operations, as neighbours complain they can't even open their windows on warm days lest they be besieged by the smell.

The smell made at least one neighbour feel ill, according to the report.

Researchers should investigate the possibility of an increase in the neighbourhood's snack sales and pizza orders.

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