Nice rack: Knit boobs scarf pays homage to female anatomy

In case your regular wardrobe fails to turn heads, this scarf should ensure you're stared at all the way down the street.

But, of course, sporting an extra pair of female breasts outside your clothing — even a pair fashioned from 100 per cent fleece — isn't for the demure, so it's important that you like the attention.

Because the Boob Scarf is exactly what it sounds like: a pair of low-hanging fabric knockers that you tie once around your neck and allow gravity to handle the rest.

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These "Neck Knockers" are handmade by Marlene Dysert, a talented designer who knits out of Detroit, Michigan and sells her wares on popular retailer Etsy.

The scarves are already a huge hit in Asia and have spawned a host of knockoff knits — including one for pneumatic canines.

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They come in a variety of colours and styles depending on your mood. Ivory, pink, tan and dark brown run the shade spectrum. You can also accessorize with tattoos and nipple rings if walking around with four breasts isn't risqué enough for you.

Though some may consider the scarves a little gimmicky, they actually support an important cause.

Dysert donates $2 from each sale to breast cancer research and even has the special edition pink ribbon boobs. For those who wish to make a different kind of statement.

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