No ‘lion’: Labradoodle mistaken for majestic beast in Virginia

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Lions and tigers and labradoodles, oh my.

Panic ensued among three people in Norfolk, Virginia when they saw a lion wandering the streets. Except it wasn't a lion. Far from it, the wild beast turned out to be someone's cuddly pet labradoodle.

Three people called 911 to report the 'lion,' saying it might be rummaging for food, according to ABC News. Police called the nearby zoo but all lions were safely in their enclosure.

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It turns out Natalie Painter owns the 4-year-old dog, whose name is Charles the Monarch.

Painter says she has Charles groomed to look like a lion. Strange, some might say, but it seems her pet grooming was inspired by the mascot for Old Dominion University, where she is a student.

Big Blue the mascot has sharper teeth than Charles but maybe he really is ferocious beneath all that tongue-wagging.

The owner told ABC she often gets attention when she brings the 'labralion' out. She brings him to Old Dominion football games where cameras click constantly.

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Charles has his own Facebook page and a Twitter account where he reaches out to his many followers.

The dog's latest Tweet?

"Can I give you my pawtograph?"