NYC subway dance party goes viral

NYC subway dance party


Sick and tired of your daily ride to work? Maybe what your morning commute is missing is a DJ.

AMK Productions managed to turn a boring subway ride into a dance party, complete with strobe lights, glow sticks, a DJ booth, bouncer, and a velvet rope.

We’re pretty sure the ride gets shorter when you join a conga line.

A video of the fun commute is now going viral.

“There’s so many people in such a dense space,” Director Meir Kalmanson told “In one room, there are just so many people, crisscrossing lives, stories, and no one is even interacting.”

Kalmanson’s previous viral video was titled “High Five New York”: he surprised cab-hailing strangers with high fives.

“I’m all about that, the human connection,” said Kalmanson. “It’s all about living in the now. With this video, I wanted to throw out, yes, it’s fun, to throw a dance party in the subway, but I also wanted to bring out the message of interacting with your fellows, with strangers, with your potential friend, who could be sitting right next to you.”

Last October, an Australian man started his own (less sophisticated) dance party on a train. Peter Sharp donned a tux, cranked up the tunes, and encouraged strangers to join in. And they did.

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“If we can start a party, what’s stopping you from starting a conversation?” Sharp’s video asked.