Off-roading enthusiast receives $48,000 towing bill after driving Jeep into mud

If you plan to go off-roading in a Jeep anytime soon, make sure you have a large sum of money to cover any mishaps that may occur (even if you have insurance), and make sure that you’re not off-roading on private property. That’s the advice Walpole, Massachusetts native Joel Ramer would probably give you now that he owes a local towing company $48,385 for digging his Jeep out of a huge puddle of mud this past weekend.

Ramer landed in the mud pit while going on the adventure with his girlfriend. Police and towing company Assured Collision were called in to pull the SUV out. The towing company said it took 12 hours to do so, and the towing company charged Ramer $1,250 an hour just for a supervisor to oversee the job.

Ramer says when he first got the bill he thought there must’ve been some sort of mistake, and once the local news got a hold of the story, the Statewide Towing Association acknowledged that the fees charged seemed ‘significantly in excess of the industry standard.’

Certainly we can all agree that getting a bill from a towing company that would force most people to take out a second mortgage on their home is enough to ruin your weekend. But on top of dealing with that, Ramer got cited by the police for trespassing and disturbing the peace. It turns out that he was unknowingly off-roading on private property that was owned by a local utilities company.

To say the least, it’s been a rough week for the poor guy. As for the other fees Ramer has to pay, they include: $10,000 for an off road incident response unit to come in; a $5,000 fee for dangerous liability insurance; and thousands more in repairs for the vehicle, some of which the towing company contends were required before he drove the Jeep into a pile of mud.

With all the negative publicity this story is sure to send towards the towing company and insurance companies involved, hopefully Ramer catches a break and has the Statewide Towing Association work to lower or eliminate some of the costs involved. If they don’t, Ramer’s financial future and the charges he’s facing may give him the bumpiest off-roading experience of his life.

But hey, look at the bright side…at least no one was hurt right?