Ohio boy catches huge fish with bare hands

A muskie similar to this fish was caught bare-handed by an 11-year-old from Ohio. (Wikipedia Commons/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

The sport of Hillbilly Handfishin' has expanded to new species and locales, at least in the case of an Ohio boy who says he caught a fish longer than him using only his hands.

LimaOhio.com reported Logan Schnipke from Ottawa, Ohio was at a wedding reception with his family on June 29. But when boredom led him to the lake with his parents, he ended up wrestling a 24-pound muskellunge to shore with only his 11-year-old arms, according to the story.

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The strange adventure began when Logan's mother, Shaunda, saw a fish struggling near the shore of Lake Erie and her son asked if he could try to catch it, LimaOhio.com reported.

Logan went after the fish, but then his mother realized it was huge.

Logan managed to wrangle the fish — and keep all of his fingers and toes — even though it tried to escape. A natural resources spokesperson told the news outlet the fish was probably ill or elderly.

Video of another hand-fisherman has also been circulating the web since it was posted on the weekend, but viewers are questioning whether it's an elaborate online prank.

In the video posted by Douglas Owen, a woman discusses dinner with her husband, suggesting they have rainbow trout. He dives into a nearby pond and seconds later he emerges with a fish in hand.

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Many users on Reddit called the video fake, with some suggesting he trapped the fish underwater in advance or hid it in his shorts.

Nonetheless, it's an amusing performance.

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