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Ohio teacher suspended for racist Facebook Halloween rant

An Ohio teacher has been suspended after publishing an angry, slur-filled post on Facebook, berating Halloween trick-or-treaters from the "ghetto."

It was more than a lack of Halloween spirit that got Akron, Ohio teacher David Spondike spirited out of the hallways of the high school where he taught music. The Beacon Journal reported the 51-year-old teacher at Firestone High School was suspended with pay after posting angrily about black tricker-treaters coming to his door, reportedly in response to an incident with a teenager he saw trick-or-treating over the weekend.

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The newspaper quoted his post, which he has since deleted, with the offensive language edited:

I don’t mind if you come from the ghetto to trick or treat. But when you whip out your teeny [genitalia] and [urinate] on the telephone pole in front of my front yard and a bunch of preschoolers and toddlers, you can take your [N-word] ass back where it came from. I don’t have anything against anyone of color, but [racial slur] stay out.

Clutch magazine reported the student body at Spondike's school is mostly black, a fact that became part of his online defence strategy, according to the Beacon Journal. He followed up his initial post with several more that said he wasn't a racist, one of which said he hears the N-word spoken "more than 25 times a day" by black people.

WKYC.com published a statement from Akron Public Schools calling the teacher's comments "unprofessional" and "unbecoming a teacher."

Earlier this year, a Brooklyn teacher upset a student and her mother when the teacher asked the little girl, who was black, if she was a monkey.

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