Oklahoma homeowner ties up burglar, leaves for work

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

An Oklahoma man showed a burglar he wouldn't tolerate any pesky delays to his daily schedule this week when he knocked the intruder down, tied him up, and left him on the lawn for police. Then he went to work.

News9 reported a couple in Tulsa woke up on Wednesday morning to the sound of a window breaking. The homeowner went outside, "bum-rushed" the thief as he exited the garage, and then secured his hands and feet with rope so he couldn't run away.

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With that problem resolved, the man's wife said he called police and then went in to work as usual, leaving his wife to wait with the captured suspect.

"He's like a superhero," Denay Houston said of her husband.

Police charged Robert Cole with first degree burglary, CBS reported.

Another home invasion in Vancouver, B.C. turned bizarre on Tuesday, when the suspect took a shower in the victim's home and proceeded to cook eggs in the nude, police said.

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No ropes involved there, but a British grandmother once brought similar vigilante justice to a group of six people in 2011 when she stopped them from robbing a jewelry store by smacking them repeatedly with her handbag, according to police in Northamptonshire.

The media dubbed 71-year-old Ann Timson "Supergran."