Only in Canada: Snowmobile chases a stolen tractor through the snow

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April 4, 2014
Stolen tractor
A stolen tractor was damaged after a low-speed chase near Red Deer, Alberta.

No, this isn’t another joke about typical Canada. It’s real.

On Wednesday in Red Deer, an RCMP officer hitched a ride on a fellow Canadian’s snowmobile in pursuit of a man fleeing on a stolen tractor.

Only in Canada.

Blackfalds RCMP were called to a home on Highway 95 because of a possible break-in, where they discovered firearms and other items had been taken from the home. Police then got a call about an hour later that a John Deere tractor had been stolen.

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Police tracked the tractor through fields, where it had crashed through fences and plowed through trees.

One of the officers stopped a citizen driving a snowmobile to hitch a ride on the back. The driver had no problem helping police follow the tractor.

Finally, this lengthy getaway ended with the accused thief stalling as he attempted to get up a hill. The tractor rolled when he tried to back down and the man was finally arrested. Though he did not sustain any injuries, his ego must be in pretty bad shape. Who tries to outrun cops on a tractor? Seriously.

The 25-year-old is facing charges including theft and breaking and entering.

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