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Ottawa teens make cardboard tank to get drive-thru food

Wendy's and Harvey's staff like the idea, but the boys didn't get such a great reception at McDonald's

Anyone who has tried to walk through a drive-thru knows you have to be in a vehicle for them to serve you. But even though four teens from Ottawa don't have driver's licenses, they aren't letting that stop them from getting drive-thru food. The teens created a tank out of cardboard and pushed it through the windows. And it worked - most of the time.

"Obviously, I know you can't go through on foot but we thought, first of all, that this was a vehicle enough to go through a drive-thru and second of all, that they would appreciate the time that we put into it," said Paul Buzuloiu to the Ottawa Citizen.

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The total cost of the tank was about $50, which included spending money on wood, nails and paint. The cardboard they got for free from Ikea boxes and the wheels were from an old desk chair. It took the foursome about 10 hours to build the tank over last summer.

"We had heard of other people walking up to drive-thrus with a piece of cardboard, pretending to be a car," said Kingsong Chen to the Ottawa Citizen. "We wanted to one-up that - do something much bigger. Why not a tank? It's very definitive just by the turret."

They recorded their adventures with drive-thru clerks near the end of October and the video is now going viral.

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The staff at Wendy's found it so interesting they started taking pictures on their phones. A Harvey's manager thanked the boys for making his day and gave them coupons for free burgers. But the McDonald's staff were sticklers for the rules and didn't serve them because it isn't actually a vehicle. The McDonald's employee even tells them if they don't move along they will be arrested.

At least some people have a sense of humour and the boys got to eat. As the teens explain at the end of the video, they now know why it's referred to as  'McDicks'.

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