Parents let 8-year-old drive on icy Russian road

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

She sports a pink toque and furry purple boots, and she can barely see over the steering wheel, but that didn't stop an 8-year-old girl's parents from letting her drive a car down a Russian road in the middle of winter, according to a YouTube video the family uploaded.

Music plays and cars speed past as the little girl accelerates to 100 km per hour. Her mother smiles at the camera, seemingly unconcerned, while dad grabs the wheel periodically to straighten out the car.

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To add to the danger, a shot from the windshield shows an icy road with snow banks on each side. Karina says proudly that she's only an 8-year-old kid and she can drive, according to the BBC. When she steps out of the driver's seat, she takes with her an empty plastic jug she was using to reach the peddles.

The video has led police to open an investigation on the family, identified as Karina, Dmitry and Lena Mikulchik, for breaking traffic laws, according to the Telegraph.

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Russia's roads are notoriously dangerous. The World Health Organization called traffic deaths in countries like Russia an epidemic and launched an effort for safer roads in 2010. Keeping 8-year-old kids away from the steering wheel might help.