Paris employs sheep, ewes to mow city lawns

Not a baa-aad idea, as lawn-mowing strategies go.

The city of Paris, France has employed some new staff this week to keep the grass trimmed on municipal gardens and lawns— a flock of sheep and four ewes, according to the Associated Press.

They don't demand much pay, only room and board, and the woolly creatures certainly use less gas than a lawnmower. The news wire reports the animals munch away at the grass all day, content to eat their fill and keep public spaces looking tidy.

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It's an idea that could catch on as a low-energy, environmentally friendly solution, given enough interest.

Companies in France have already begun making a business of selling sheep mowers. One, called Ecomouton, says on its website that it takes good care of the sheep to make sure they are healthy.

They're certainly well-fed.

A couple in Guelph, Ontario told the Weather Network last summer that they were planning to start a business renting the sheep on their farm out to people who wanted their lawns mowed.

Jennifer Osborn also told the Guelph Mercury she was hoping to convince locals to put away the gas guzzlers and rent out her sheep for their lawn maintenance, as an expansion of the small farm her family owns, called All Sorts Acre.

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Perhaps Toronto City Hall and Vancouver's downtown will someday have fluffy maintenance crews wandering the lawns.

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