Passenger captures loose bat flying around airplane cabin

Chase Kell
Daily Buzz

A Georgia-bound Delta flight was forced to return to Madison, Wisconsin when pilots learned a loose bat was flying around in the cabin.

Passengers were certainly surprised, but perhaps none were more startled than the video's cameraman. He was fast asleep until awoken by a scream and a winged creature soaring above his head.

So he did what any amateur camerman with a smartphone would do, he pulled out his camera and captured the frantic bat as it began sprinting laps of the cabin.

"I grabbed my phone to get some video as my friends would never believe this," said the passenger in a story. "It went up and down the aisle about four to five times before being trapped in the back lavatory."

One swift passenger managed to shut the lavatory door, locking the critter inside for the rest of the flight.

The plane returned to Wisconsin before a maintenance worker reportedly coaxed the bat from the washroom and set it free.

Officials claim they had received reports of a "flying animal" in the cabin but could not confirm it was indeed a bat.