Penguin highway in Antarctica proves orderly, uncongested

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Dozens of penguins keep to strict road rules in Antarctica

Road conditions are icy in Antarctica, but webbed feet still patter away in this video of a busy penguin highway captured by a young traveler.

Melissa Brennan, 21, says she has already visited all seven continents. She studies journalism at Arizona State University and she began travelling in 2007, according to ABC news.

On the last of her trips she found a well-beaten path in the snow and set up a camera there to record the comings and goings of penguins. It turns out they have an orderly traffic system.

Penguins sometimes stop to look left and right before proceeding, either avoiding collisions or making a difficult decision about which way to go next.

However, one of the last penguins to turn the corner at an intersection might be showing us the real reason penguins stay on the road. He steps out of bounds and slips on the surrounding ice, taking a tumble while a friend waits in line to continue his commute.

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Any more congestion and they might need to put some street lights in on that intersection. We can't have any penguin traffic jams.

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