Picture of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford kicking a football becomes funny meme

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford booted the ceremonial kick-off at high school football game earlier this week, he probably didn't think the photo op would turn into a meme.

But that is exactly what happened after people started talking on Twitter about the Toronto Star's photo of Ford grinning with his right leg high in the air as the ball launches off his foot.

"A delightful, ready-for-a-Photoshop-challenge picture of the Mayor appears on the cover of today's Star," tweets Jonathan Goldsbie (@goldsbie).

Now Ford can be seen running hurdles, figure skating, performing in The Nutcracker ballet, dancing at a wild party, fighting in Street Fighter and on the side of a poutine food truck with a slogan that reads "Kicking gravy to the curb since 2010!" He can also be seen skipping down the yellow brick road with Leonardo DiCaprio and the pepper spraying cop from UC Davis as well as missing the football because Lucy from the Peanuts gang pulled it away at the last second, just as she always does to Charlie Brown.

We found the most complete list of images on Buzzfeed.

Ford even joked in council that the photo may help him and the Star make amends, but that seems unlikely given yesterday's news of the Ford freeze continuing on the newspaper.

In the game, Whitby's Donald A. Wilson Secondary School defeated Aurora's St. Andrew's College 21-14 in overtime.

Ford, a football coach himself, was at the Rogers Centre to open the Metro Bowl, which is the championship for secondary football teams in the Greater Toronto Area.

(Image courtesy of imgur)